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Top Three Alchemy-Spetec Blog Posts

Posted by Kreg Thornley on Sep 21, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Banner - Top Three Alchemy-Spetec Blog Posts

Body - Top Three Alchemy-Spetec Blog PostsAs of today, the top three most viewed Alchemy-Spetec blog posts are:

  1. Slab Void Fill with Polyurethane Foam
  2. So You’re Thinking About Starting a Slab Lifting Company: Key Considerations
  3. Hydrophobic vs Hydrophilic: Polyurethanes

Given the amount of interest in these subjects, it's worth reviewing them again. In this article, we'll feature some intro text from each of these blog posts, along with a link to the full version.

Slab Void Fill with Polyurethane Foam

Voids beneath concrete slabs can be filled with two-component polymer foam designed to work in wet or dry conditions. AP Lift 430 foam can support up to 7,200 lbs per square foot and will cure to 90% full strength in 15 minutes.  (Of the most resilient concrete slab jacking foams, AP Lift 430 is proven to lift concrete slabs under harsh conditions. This two-component, high-strength, high-density, hydro-insensitive structural polyurethane foam is the top slab jacking solution for concrete slab foundation repair, soil stabilization, and compaction grouting. AP Lift 430 weighs 2.75 – 3.25 pounds per cubic foot.) Polyurethane foam conforms to void shape more accurately than cement grout, and - unlike cement - it doesn't shrink or sink over time. Read more...

So You’re Thinking About Starting a Slab Lifting Company: Key Considerations

If you want to corner the market in this potentially profitable business, begin by scoping out a specialized area, such as residential, commercial, or civic/municipal. Next, make a simple short written list of the assets you absolutely must have to get started. Do you need a full-sized slab lifting rig to get rolling? Or maybe just the portable PolyBadger lifting system? Are there any special licenses or certifications required for operation? Do you have a good relationship with an equipment and materials supplier? Having the right slab lifting equipment, top-of-line materials, vendor support, and deep expertise in this unique industry are the first keys to success for startup companies. Read more...

Hydrophobic vs Hydrophilic: Polyurethanes

The terms hydrophobic and hydrophilic may not mean anything to the average person. But, to a contractor, these terms can mean a world of a difference. Hydro means water while phobic means “to fear” and philic means “to love”.  Alchemy-Spetec offers both hydrophobic and hydrophilic polyurethanes, so it is important to be aware of the differences between the two types.  Read more...

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