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Polymer Soil Stabilization: Specification Guidance for Geotechnical Engineers

Posted by Colt Hullander on Sep 21, 2023 10:00:00 AM

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Body - Polymer Soil Stabilization – Specification Guidance for Geotechnical EngineersUnstable soils present significant challenges in civil engineering projects. Whether caused by erosion, improper compaction, freeze-thaw action, or decay of buried organic matter, loose and shifting soils undermine structural integrity. Together, these mechanisms prevent soil from remaining firmly in place. This necessitates methods to stabilize and strengthen the matrix. Geotechnical engineers must find solutions to reinforce the substrate and restore load-bearing capacity.

Polymer injection grouting offers an innovative approach, transforming loose soil into a strong, consolidated mass. These polymeric resins permeate porous soils and compact denser soils, then expand and cure in place. The resulting soil-polymer matrix has high compressive strength, stopping subsidence, erosion, and migration of fines. Alchatek's standard soil stabilization products and deep soil stabilization products provide specification-grade stabilization.

Polymer Foam Stabilization Mechanisms

  • Permeation of loose sediments, gluing them into a firm matrix
  • Displacement of water from eroded zones, reversing further erosion
  • Filling of void spaces from decayed organics or poor compaction
  • Adhesion to soil particles creates a strong substrate

Additionally, these foams are NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 certified for contact with potable water supplies. This enables environmentally safe use.

Performance Characteristics

Polymeric foams provide exceptional soil stabilization and foundational reinforcement. Key advantages include:

  • Ability to permeate and treat loose or unstable soils in situ without excavation
  • Ability to compact dense soils such as clay
  • High compressive and shear strength, restoring structural load capacity
  • Permanent stabilization without ongoing maintenance requirements
  • Mitigation of subsidence or erosion with bonded soil matrix

When applied correctly, polymeric foams offer lasting soil stabilization and ground improvement. Alchatek case studies document successful performance for applications including commercial, industrial, new construction, and other geotechnical engineering projects.

Additional Guidance for Geotechnical Engineers

Specify these advanced soil grouting products to permanently resolve instability issues. They deliver rapid installation, minimal invasive work, and results that last. Let us provide guidance on product selection, specs, and installation techniques for your next soil stabilization project. Polymer grouting is an innovative, low-impact way to reinforce unstable ground.

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