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Injection Project Checklist

Posted by Charlie Lerman on Mar 2, 2018 11:34:53 AM


injection-blog (2).pngWhen you set out to work on a leak seal injection project, it's important to be prepared. 

Let's imagine you have a big polyurethane grout injection job today. Great, let’s go!

Everything starts going into the truck and you’re off. You get to the job, start pulling material, equipment, tools and a lot of other stuff out of the truck - then someone asks, “Where is the______? And where is the _______? And what happened to the _______?"

Suddenly it’s time to find the nearest hardware store, so you can get what you need, so you can get your job started and finished and cleaned up after you’re done. When you're not prepared, one trip to the hardware store is usually only the beginning. Sometimes multiple trips are necessary to get the project done.

The Boy Scouts always talk about the importance of being prepared. Here is a little help. Make a checklist to be sure you have what you need, so you can get to the job…..get started……..and get it done (without holding up work because someone needs to go to the hardware store).

Here is a suggested starter list. Add to it whatever else you think you may need:

Equipment Materials Safety Wear Clean up
Pumps (parts) Injection resin (s) Safety Glasses  Garbage bags
Hoses Accelerator (s) Hard Hats  Hand cleaner
Buckets Clean water Safety Vests Rags
Injection wand (F-Valve) Pump Flush Rubber Gloves   
Zerk fitting adaptor  Cement patch or plug    
Extension cords(3)      
Hammer Drill      
3/8” drill bits      
Tool box / bag  (stocked)      
Teflon Tape      
Bag of injection ports      
5/16” nut driver      

Before you pack up for a job, it's critical to make a checklist of what you need. Check it twice (like Santa does) to make sure you have everything squared away up front. 

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