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Case Study - Pool House Foundation Void Fill

Posted by Steve Taylor on Jan 31, 2023 10:00:00 AM

Banner - Pool House Foundation Void Fill

Body - Pool House Foundation Void FillGeotech specialists from Ground Consolidation Services were called into a job by a general contractor in Atlanta. A property owner was restoring a very interesting pool house in an upscale neighborhood. The pool actually sits atop and in the center of the pool house itself. During the initial restoration process, they discovered voids under the pool house foundation.

Powerful Polymer

The GCS crew recommended Alchemy-Spetec's AP Lift 475, a two-component, hydrophobic, structural lifting polymer designed for airport, highway, and railroad applications. It can be used to stabilize structures, fill voids, and lift slabs supporting tremendous loads. The real beauty of this material is its ability to be traffic ready in less than one hour.

Painless Procedure

The technicians used the compact PolyBadger pump system for this job since the location was not easily accessible with a slab lifting rig. The PolyBadger, manufactured by Alchemy-Spetec, is a tough and compact mobile cart system for pumping polyurethane resin. Using this pump, the crew was able to fill the voids at a relatively quick pace.

Rapid Result

The GCS technicians were out of the way and the restoration crew was able to start backfilling the area in a few short hours.

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