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The PolyBadger: A Value Packed Compact Slab Lifting System

Posted by David Park on Mar 24, 2022 10:00:00 AM

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Body - The PolyBadger A Value Packed Slab Lifting SystemThe Alchemy-Spetec PolyBadger lifting system is tough and compact. This system is an affordable entry-level option for new contractors, as well as an extremely portable addition to the experienced contractor’s arsenal. The PolyBadger is a lot less expensive than your standard 20-foot trailer rig. The setup is simple and requires minimal equipment. The entire system can easily fit in the back of a pickup truck! With this equipment, you can handle most every flatwork type of concrete lifting, be it residential or commercial. Of course, void filling beneath slabs and structures is also within the capability of the machine.

Witness the PolyBadger in Action

The PolyBadger is a reliable entry-level choice for new lifting companies focusing on small jobs. It's also a great system for larger companies facing out-of-the-way jobs that may prohibit the use of a large rig.

The demo video below covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to the PolyBadger
  • Drilling an Injection Hole
  • Preventing Concrete Stains with AP Flush 125
  • Injecting Polyurethane
  • Cleaning Out the Static Mixer
  • Cleaning Up & Shutting Down the System

The PolyBadger Lifting System: Key Advantages

The Alchemy-Spetec PolyBadger mobile slab lifting system is tough, compact, and built to last. The cabinet is constructed from powder-coated carbon steel and the frame is constructed from carbon steel box tubing. The durable hose is constructed with a Teflon core and a stainless steel braid.

Key Advantages to Consider:

  • Material handling - the PolyBadger is designed to pump right out of 10-gallon material sets (5 gallons of A-side and 5 gallons of B side). These are easy to handle, easy to dispose of when empty, and very convenient to use. No dealing with 1000 lb drum sets of material required.
  • Easy to operate - the PolyBadger features an auto-calibrator proportioning system that is genius. It takes monitoring pressures all the time out of the equation. Startup takes about 5 minutes and shut down takes less than a minute. It is a very easy machine to learn.
  • Advanced technology - besides the auto-calibrator, the PolyBadger features advanced primary heaters that can heat the material in one pass. No recirculating material to get it hot enough to pump.
  • Gun clean-up - gun maintenance for the PolyBadger Handy gun takes about 30 seconds. Traditional spray and lifting guns can take an hour or more some days.

The PolyBadger Package and Considerations

The PolyBadger package typically includes the cart, control cabinet, moisture separator, and regulator dashboard, two transfer pumps, 60' of Green Flare heated hose, two Handi guns, static mixers, and injection ports. The price may vary depending on what you already have and may need to add on.

Power and air requirements are two 20-amp 110 V circuits and 10-11 cfm of air. You can run the machine from two separate circuits of a residence or business or a 5000-watt generator. For air, our contractors will usually purchase a wheelbarrow-style air compressor with twin parallel tanks. These are gasoline-powered units and usually have about 10+ CFM capacity at 90 psi. Odds are you already have a generator and compressor that is sufficient. In a warehouse or plant environment, you can run off factory airdrops and 110 v outlets.

Want more information about the PolyBadger system?

Download an Info-Packed PolyBadger System Brochure!

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