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Alchemy-Spetec Accessories

Posted by Charlie "The Grout Geek" Lerman on Aug 2, 2017 1:28:38 PM


In the previous post we discussed Alchemy-Spetec equipment offerings. While using the best equipment is essential, using the best accessories is just as important. Let's take a look at what's available.

Crack Injection and Soil Stabilization Accessories

  • accessories- blog-2.pngPorts for Injecting Grouts Into Concrete
    • 5/8″ Mechanical Packer
    • 1/2″ Mechanical Packer
    • 13 mm Mechanical Packer
    • 3/8″ Hammer In Port with Zerk Fitting
    • 3/8″ Plastic Drive In Port

  • High Pressure Crack Injection Valve
    • Controls resin flow at the point of injection.

  • Flush Wand
    • For flushing concrete dust from the holes you have drilled for crack injection.

  • Oakum
    • Seals cracks and slows down gushing water during leak repair. Oakum can be used alone or in combination with leak seal resins.

Slab Lifting Accessories

  • accessories- blog (1)-2.pngButton Head Fittings
    • Designed for high volume flow and provide a smooth working surface for easy coupler engagement & removal.

  • Packers
    • For injection of chemical grouts beneath the slab.

  • Couplers
    • Provide airtight seals when used with packers or hammer-in ports.

Cleaners, Flushes and Soaks

  • accessories- blog (2)-1.pngSpetec Pump Cleaner
    • A non-flammable solvent for cleaning uncured polyurethane from injection equipment. (Read more…)

  • AP Flush 125
  • AP Soak 130

Want more information on Alchemy-Spetec accessories?

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