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Advantages of AP Lift 430 and AP Lift 475

Posted by Andy Powell on Apr 17, 2019 2:37:31 PM

Advantages of AP Lift 430 and AP Lift 475

Advantages of AP Lift 430 and AP Lift 475Everyone claims their lifting foam is "the best" on the market (unless they're claiming theirs is the cheapest - which is a red flag to look into the quality ASAP).  As a quality leader in the industry, we provide more than vague statements and marketing slogans on this issue.

Here's a detailed list of the advantages you'll enjoy with Alchemy-Spetec's AP Lift 430 and AP Lift 475 lifting foams:

No Recycled Materials

The products are made of virgin raw materials only. They are consistent and clean, with no particulates floating around.

Water Blown Formula

Your drum set of material will be consistent from top to bottom. Whether you pump it all in one day or all in one month. No mixing will be required.

Lower Exotherm

You'll be able to fill voids, stabilize soil and lift slabs faster.  In addition, unlike some other foams out there, these foams have no history of smoke or charring.

Cured Foam is Safe for Contact with Drinking Water

These foams are certified To NSF 61-5.  That means that the cured foam is safe for contact with potable water.  Most of the time your foam won't ever come into contact with drinking water, but this certification assures your customers that once the foam cures it will not pose any kind of environmental or health hazard.

Consistent Quality

You won't have to worry about your foam setting up one way this month and another way next month.  The NSF certification and the ISO 9001 certification require the exact same formula for every single drum set.  We have both certifications.

DOT Grade Polyurethane Foam

DOT grade foams cure faster, work in wet conditions, and are traffic ready in 45 minutes.  Use less material and get less call-backs with foams that meet the standards for Department of Transportation work.  

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