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The Polybadger Compact Slab Lifting System

Posted by Michael Binyaminov on Oct 22, 2019 3:47:10 PM

The Polybadger Compact Slab Lifting System

The Polybadger Compact Slab Lifting SystemAre you in the market for a tough and compact slab lifting system?  The PolyBadger is a reliable entry-level choice for new lifting companies focusing on small jobs.  It's also a great system for larger companies facing out-of-the-way jobs that may prohibit the use of a large rig. 

Benefits of the PolyBadger over a standard rig:

  • Lower Initial Investment
  • Less Equipment Needed
  • Easily Fitted To Truck, Trailer or Cart

In addition, the PolyBadger has considerable advantages over competing mobile cart systems.  Talk to an Alchemy-Spetec rep for comparisons to any other cart system you are considering.

Want more info on the PolyBadger?

Download an Info-Packed PolyBadger System Brochure!

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