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The Deep LiftⓇ Process for Sinking Structures and Foundations

Posted by David Park on Jun 2, 2022 10:00:00 AM

Banner - The Deep LiftⓇ Process for Sinking Structures and Foundations

Body - The Deep LiftⓇ Process for Sinking Structures andWe often assume that our homes, roadways, and buildings are resting on solid ground - until that support starts to give way. The same natural element that carved out the Grand Canyon causes unstable soil, voids, and even sinkholes. Water is relentless and your property is at risk if soil damage is left unchecked. Poor compaction, water erosion, broken pipes, and organic material in the soil can all lead to the settling of a foundation or a roadway. Ignoring soil erosion underneath your property can lead to disaster.

Outdated methods of addressing deep soil issues require heavy equipment, extended downtime, and collateral property damage. Alchemy-Spetec's factory-trained contractors offer a unique combination of high-quality structural lifting foams along with the equipment and training needed to address deep soil issues. Our polyurethane resin technology has been proven in use around the world and is certified to be environmentally friendly.

Solving Deep Soil Issues with the Deep LiftⓇ Process

Contractors trained in Alchemy-Spetec's Deep LiftⓇ process achieve deep soil densification and lift on large projects with the smallest footprint and the least amount of heavy equipment required. This process brings the structure back to level with minimal downtime for the property owner.

The Deep LiftⓇ Property Preservation Plan

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