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Case Study - Stabilizing Deep Soil to Prevent a Garage from Breaking Away

Posted by Jacob Bryant on Nov 29, 2022 10:00:00 AM

Banner - Stabilizing Deep Soil to Prevent a Garage from Breaking Away

Body - Stabilizing Deep Soil to Prevent a Garage from BreaA property owner in Montana contacted geotech contractor Yellowstone Structural regarding a garage that was recently converted into a bedroom. The garage lacked effective rainwater drainage, thoroughly compacted supporting soil, and a proper foundation with a footing like the rest of the house. For these reasons, it had sunken several inches. Alarmingly, the “new bedroom” was now beginning to break away from the rest of the house. The property owner found cracks in the siding and wanted to make sure there would be no further movement.

Powerful Polymer

The technicians planning this deep soil stabilization job chose AP Lift 430, a widely used favorite in the industry. This multi-use structural polymer is ideal for compacting soil, filling voids, and lifting slabs and structures.

AP Lift 430 Data

Painless Procedure

Without the option of a structural polymer repair plan, a contractor would likely have had to dig around the garage, add a new foundation underneath, and then use helical piers to keep it in place. This would require the demolition of decking and surrounding structures. Heavy equipment (which often causes additional concrete surface and lawn damage) would be needed to get all of this done.

Fortunately, contractors like Yellowstone Structural can achieve soil stabilization and compaction on projects like this with the smallest footprint and the least amount of heavy equipment required. These technicians chose to implement the Deep Lock® process to stabilize the soil at all levels with minimal imposition or downtime to the property owner. First, the crew identified the exact parameters of all the unstable soil. Next, they installed a pair of injection tubes every three feet along the footing of the house in the affected area. This job required 17 of these dual-tube injection points. Next, they created a high-strength durable polyurethane footer with AP Lift 430, injecting the structural polymer to depths of both eight and four feet at each injection point. The technicians performed these injections until significant backpressure was reached to confirm full soil compaction.

Rapid Result

This highly efficient “surgical strike” style job was executed by a crew of two within eight hours. No heavy equipment or messy excavation was needed. The structural polymer was cured in place within 30 minutes of injection. Water won’t erode it; insects cannot eat or bore into it. The property owner’s new bedroom is now sitting on stable soil.

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